A Diamond in the Image of the Deceased, for a Unique Souvenir

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Forget the urn or headstone to commemorate the deceased and instead choose a diamond made from human ashes. Thanks to Algordanza*, this luxury option makes it possible to display this precious stone as a personalized jewel or to keep it in a case.

Algordanza: a luxury alternative to preserve the ashes of the deceased

In recent years, the distance between people has made travel more difficult and consequently, visits to the cemetery or columbarium are less frequent, thereby dulling the memory of the deceased. Algordanza was established in Switzerland in 2004 on the theme of remembrance and commemoration. The word “algordanza” comes from the fourth language of Switzerland, Rhaeto-Romansh, and means “remembrance”. Algordanza’s mission: to enable people who have lost a loved one to honour them in a distinguished and unique way through the transformation of ashes into a diamond.

At Algordanza, precision, respect and discretion are at the heart of the company’s values. Constantly growing, the company is now represented in more than 30 countries around the world. A symbol of luxury and quality, diamonds made with human ashes all come with an Algordanza certificate, attesting to the authenticity, weight, cut and colour of the precious stone.

How to turn human ashes into a diamond?

It is thanks to a machine heating up to 1400° Celsius that the bodies of the deceased are converted into ashes. The first step is to isolate the carbon, of which the human body is 20% composed. Of this percentage, 1-5% of carbon is heated at high temperature and high pressure, converting it into graphite. This substance will then be inserted into a starter diamond crystal to begin the conversion process, which can take several weeks, depending on the desired size of the stone. Once the process is completed, the starter crystal is removed to preserve the diamond thus created. The result: a bluish synthetic diamond, due to the substance called boron, contained in the human body. All the diamonds produced are hand-cut by an expert, giving them uniqueness and finesse.

If you would like to transform the deceased’s ashes into a diamond, contact us so that we can assist you in your efforts and, in so doing, enable you to obtain a diamond that will be very precious to you!

*In Canada, the Remembrance Diamonds Corporation distributes the Algordanza brand across the country.

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