A Last Good-bye Thanks to the Cremation Room

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The last good-bye is never easy. It is considered a crucial step in the grieving process, so it is important not to neglect it, even when the deceased has chosen cremation in his or her last wishes. Did you know that cremation can also be carried out surrounded by loved ones? Crématorium Montréal offers a cremation room, adjacent to the cremator, so that you can be present at the cremation. This idea is often upsetting, but at Crématorium Montréal, our clients are very touched by this careful and comforting experience.

A unique space

Crématorium Montréal is the only one of its kind in Quebec. It allows for a private farewell ceremony to be held on site in a high quality environment. Very luminous thanks to its windows and stained glass, the cremation room is a refined, modern space, offering a unique atmosphere of serenity and calm. Families may therefore accompany the deceased until the last moment, if they wish to do so. Each ceremony is adapted to the tribute you would like to make, regardless of your beliefs and customs. It is therefore possible to decorate the room, which is already very elegant, either as you wish or in accordance with the deceased’s last wishes. Our personalized service also makes it possible to comply with the standards of social distancing issued by the public health authorities in the last few months, by placing the chairs at the recommended distance. Everything to accommodate you.

It is not uncommon to receive beautiful thank-you messages from clients expressing their pleasant experience in the cremation room.” – Lucie Marsolais, Director

A warm and empathetic place

The cremation room also offers an environment conducive to contemplation, where people can “gather” in mourning for their lost loved one. During the cremation, the warmth in the room can be felt, accompanying the deceased, in this way, in his or her final passage on Earth. Our quality service allows you to grieve surrounded by your loved ones (the only ones to do so). For those unable to be physically present, a recording of the ceremony in the cremation room becomes an interesting option, providing them with an opportunity to experience the moment from a distance.

At Crématorium Montréal, we take care of everything. Since cremation is a ritual that is just as important and recognized as burial, everything is therefore in place to offer you the ceremony that corresponds to your wishes. In addition, just like a traditional burial, we have a large selection of relics to choose from and you may reserve a cemetery space for only $450. You may also opt for the columbarium, a cemetery of your choice or simply bring the ashes home.

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