Plan your Death with the Book It’s My Life!

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When you die, your loved ones will be overwhelmed with emotions, while having the stress of organizing your funeral and settling the estate. To avoid them from swimming in confusion, it is essential to plan your departure and everything surrounding this sad event. By entrusting the organization of your funeral to the Aeterna Complex, you can leave this world with peace of mind, while leaving your family and friends with clear instructions as to the type of celebration you wish to have.

It’s My Life!, a book that reflects your very own self
Designed by the Aeterna Complex, the book It’s My Life! Gives you an opportunity to write down your last wishes as well as various information about your life, your family and your interests. Offered free of charge when you make your pre-arrangements with the Aeterna Complex, this book, available in English or French, contains—among other things—the essentials for preparing your will with a liquidator and the mandate in anticipation of incapacity, in addition to a holograph will, written and signed in your own hand.

What is the book It’s My Life!
At the Aeterna Complex, we have designed the book It’s My Life!, which is a more than complete guide for anyone who wants to leave their loved ones with an unforgettable memory, combined with thoughtful planning. This guide will be very valuable to your family and friends who will have to organize your funeral, while giving them a chance to remember moments in your life or even to discover certain things about you that they never knew.

A book to get to know you better
Divided into several parts, this book will make it possible for you to include various information about your life, such as your family, pastimes, gourmet pleasures, travels, finances and important phone numbers as well as your will and other confidential information. You can also include photos of your family and friends, your travels and various highlights of your life. The book moreover contains a section that includes a list of things to remember when a loved one dies.

Trust in a qualified, passionate team
By contacting the Aeterna Complex team, you will benefit from the expertise of our advisors when writing your funeral pre-arrangements to ensure that your last wishes are respected by your loved ones. We can also assist you in organizing your estate (will, funeral, etc.). Our staff’s knowledge enables us to offer you fair prices, in accordance with the current rates on the funeral market. You can reach us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:

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